Friday, April 19, 2019

bnst conditions



    Good News Cross Country Skiers 4/19/19

We are still open and grooming daily! Don't put away your skis yet, at Bear Notch Ski Touring center, there is still quality spring skiing left. On our Western trail Network we have at least 15 km excellent groomed continuous skiing right out touring center's door

Our remarkably deep base (still 8"-24") has held out very well through the warm spell and rain. We still have exceptionally good spring skiing on Waterfall trail. East Albany Brook Trail Network and the Experimental Forest Trails. Snow in these areas is running deep, clean and is freshly groomed. Our scenic and simple Saco River Trails have thinning snow coverage, also freshly groomed, but still offer a pleasant and scenic ski at least for today.  Due to last night's warm temps snow did not set up. We groomed last night any way. The result was perfectly defined tracks and skate lanes. With today's extreme warm temps we recommend getting out early before trails soften too much. Bring a lunch. Spring skiing of this quality is a rarity in April. Birds are tweeting and Streams are flowing and Spring is in the air. This is a perfect day for a pleasant ski. These excellent trail conditions won't last forever. So come on out and enjoy before it is too late. (Rentals available). Skiers are very impressed with our trail conditions.

  Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you.

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