Monday, March 30, 2020

bnst conditions


Good News Cross Country Skiers

We still have very nice trail conditions

We had a net gain of 1" new dense granular snow overnight. This snow will work out well in areas where our snow base was still intact. Previously groomed trails will continue to ski fine so we will not be grooming today. Wet granular trail surface. Coverage on river trails is very thin, but coverage in experimental Forest Trails is solid and very nice. Skiers will be amazed we still have at least 10km of pleasant spring skiing. Birds are out, water is flowing, sounds and smell of spring are everywhere. Skiing is too good to miss, but it will not last forever. Come out and enjoy a relaxing ski on our scenic trail network.

Due to concerns about the corona virus we will be closing all public indoor areas. We will no longer be preparing soups or bread. Our warming area and rental area will closed to public use.  Rentals will no longer be available. Though we are grooming mostly for our season pass holders we are offering public access on a fresh air basis. We do take this virus very seriously, but believe with precautions, people can and should still enjoy outdoor sports safely. We have several picnic tables spaced out for public use. We recommend bringing a lunch and enjoy some scenic open air dining.

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you.