Saturday, April 4, 2020

bnst conditions

Not Good News Cross Country Skiers
High quality spring skiing is gone. There is still decent skiing out there, but it is broken up with some areas of gray ice with thin vein of snow on side of trail and two bare spots on a 10 km ski. That said if die-hards want to get out (skiing is complimentary). I would advise to wait till afternoon. Once temps rise toward 50 degrees the gray ice breaks down to corn snow and skis fairly well. Even though skiing is less than perfect, the experience of being out on the trails is awesome and relaxing. Birds are out, water is flowing everywhere, sounds and smell of spring are sweet.
Thank You to all our Bear Notch Believers for making this difficult season, a great ski season. See you next year.
Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you.
Due to concerns about the corona virus we will be closing all public indoor areas. We will no longer be preparing soups or bread. Our warming area and rental area will closed to public use.  Rentals will no longer be available. Though we are grooming mostly for our season pass holders we are offering public access on a fresh air basis. We do take this virus very seriously, but believe with precautions, people can and should still enjoy outdoor sports safely. We have several picnic tables spaced out for public use. We recommend bringing a lunch and enjoy some scenic open air dining. 

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