Thursday, March 10, 2022

bnst conditions






 Good News Cross Country Skiers

   Looking for surprisingly good after the melt down conditions? We have them!

It has taken a lot of work (grooming then shoveling and then grooming again and again). The result is we have created decent skiing. Come out and enjoy, before next weather event! We do it all for you.

 Our waterfall crossing is still in.

Grooming on: Upper meadow (#1). Waterfall trail (#2, thin coverage to start improves quickly) to access Experimental Forest Trails (#2, nice coverage & #19, very nice skiing.), Albany brook network (#5 & #5A, Good to very good couple of icy spots). Lower Fields thin coverage but still good for beginners. Yates Farm Trail Network#31&#32 thin coverage to begin improves quickly, skate loops in fields (A fun ski for intermediate and advanced skiers). We have very little first time skier's terrain open. We recommend novice skiers that want to get out on trails do so on snowshoes. All trails open to snowshoers.
 Reservations are required for: Rentals (ski or snowshoe) & Lessons. Check out Webb for updates 

At Bear Notch Ski Touring, we work hard to provide the best trail conditions possible.

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you.


We do take this virus very seriously, but believe with proper precautions, people can and should still enjoy outdoor sports safely. It is our goal to send you home with pleasant memories not the virus. Due to concerns about the Covid virus, we have closed all public indoor areas. We will no longer be serving soups or bread. Our warming station area and rental area are closed to public use


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