Tuesday, April 11, 2023

bnst conditions







      Good News Cross Country Skiers

Our Western Network still has excellent spring conditions. And we are grooming daily. Skiing is still well worth it but this is likely the last day of grooming. Come out and enjoy!

 Spring has sprung, Birds are out, Streams are flowing. Come enjoy a pleasant and relaxing spring ski!

Machine groomed Loose Granular -  Corn Snow surface

We are out grooming on our Western Trail Network again this AM. Snow coverage in this area is very good. Trails set firm overnight. Once groomed trails have a loose granular corn snow surface. Give us a little time, it is worth the wait. Previously groomed trails will ski well today once temp's rise. Skiers will be impressed with our conditions.

Freshly grooming today: Upper meadow (#1), Waterfall trail (#2), Experimental Forest Trails (#2& #19), Albany brook trail network (#5, #5A& #6). Lower Fields and Our Scenic and Simple Upper Saco River Trails (#16, #17). Bartlett Brook Trail Network (#40 & 42) groomed yesterday.

 Rentals X-C ski & snowshoe available call ahead to reserve


We do it all for you. Come on out and enjoy. You will be absolutely amazed with our scenic trail network. Come enjoy a pleasant ski in upper Saco River Valley. Cross country skiing the way it should be! 

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you!


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